Oscar Torre gives us an exclusive about his upcoming movie, 7th & Union, and why latino films are changing the game when it comes to the entertainment industry. Plus, he hints on what to expect on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots, when the show returns for the second half of season 7.

Written by: Benny Adams  – August 10th 2020 12:32 pm pst

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There’s a new film that will be coming out in the near future that will have many people talking.  It’s called 7th & Union, and the cast is mostly Latino. 

The movie follows four men including an ex boxer (Omar Chaparro) who stands on the corner of 7th and union looking for work, as they face new challenges in their lives.

Oscar Torre who plays Jorge talked to Popcorn Talk  about the upcoming film and why this movie is important in today’s society.

“It’s a true voice… What often happens is, and you see it on TV a lot, they fall into stereotypes.  It doesn’t feel like an authentic voice, therefore latinos aren’t really represented. We don’t call everyone “amigo” … With a story like this it’s so important, and even though it’s a Latino story, it’s universal, the struggle to survive and to feed your family.” Torre states. 

Oscar plays one of the four men who works as a laborer and  stands on the corner of 7th & Union. One thing that stood out about Torre’s character was how in depth and different his storyline is. 

“I love my character. Of the four guys he’s probably the least like able. What I liked about my character is that he wasn’t black and white he had layers, and as the movie goes along he has an arc…  there’s a change to him as he gets close to these men.” Torre explains. 

The film also stars Omar Chaparro, who plays ex boxer Raymundo. Oscar says Omar’s performance will have everyone on the edge of their seat.

“Omar was fantastic!  When the audience sees his work in this film, they will be blown away.  He’s a super nice guy, great to work with even though the circumstances were very stressful, he kept the light.”

The circumstances the actors faced were filming during COVID-19, which Oscar says was a new experience for him.

“I believe we were the first film to shoot during Covid-19. That part was stressful.  We went from being quarantined… to being around tons of people… We were getting tested twice a week, our temperatures taken, we had to fill out a questionnaire every day and  there was only one person at a time in the wardrobe trailer. Torre states.

Fortunately everything went according to plan and the film wrapped earlier this month. With everything going on Oscar hopes people can see the true meaning behind the movie. 

“The film captures the human spirit, it captures the things that we’re willing to overcome, things we’re willing to do for our family,  I think that’s universal. People will see themselves on the screen.”

7th and Union isn’t the only major project Oscar has coming out. He’s also one of the stars on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots which premieres August 25th.  Oscar says there’s a lot going on with his character Vinny Malone this upcoming season. 

“The show starts with a two episode special. Without giving anything away, It has to do with my character getting power and making sure loose ends are tied up.” Torre states. 

Working with Tyler Perry also has its perks, as Oscar explained he’s one of the best in the business to work with. 

 “He’s all about the work. He creates an environment where you feel as an actor you can take chances, you can try things, and make the character your own. He writes these great characters with a lot of meat to them, and then he allows you to play, and if he likes what you’re doing, then he’ll give you more to do.”

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