Adam Sandler’s latest film ‘Hubie Halloween’ has been released on Netflix and we’re taking a look at some hidden Easter eggs you may have missed!

Written by: Haley Mendoza – October 19th, 2020 3:08 pm pst

Easter Eggs in Adam Sandlers Newest Film

Credit: Netflix

Hubie Halloween is Adam Sandler’s latest comedy to hit our laptop screens! 

Released on Netflix, the film takes place around Halloween in Salem, MA. In true Sandler fashion he plays the eccentric lead character, Hubie Dubois. The town isn’t exactly kind to Hubie as he is frequently mocked and made fun of. When an estranged kidnapper escapes threatening the safety of the town, Hubie steps up to save the day!

This film is a delightful comedy to put you in the mood for the Halloween season! If this doesn’t sell you on the film alone, we’ve put together a list of Easter eggs you may have missed 

Julie Bowen has played Sandler’s love interest before!

Fans of Adam Sandler’s 1996 hit film, Happy Gilmore, must feel nostalgic seeing this familiar on screen duo. Actress Julie Bowen, known for her role in Modern Family, plays Sandler’s love interest Violet Valentine in Hubie Halloween. Similarly, she played love interest Virginia Venit in Happy Gilmore. As a big fan of Julie Bowen and Happy Gilmore, I was thrilled to see her back with Sandler in this film!

The double “V” names

Violet Valentine, Virginia Venit, Vicki Vallencourt, Veronica Vaughn…I think you get the picture. In many Sandler films his love interest has a double V name! This newest film is no exception. I think this is a fun tie into other films and love that they’ve kept the bit going!

Ben Stiller as “Hal”

Another Easter egg for the Happy Gilmore fans out there – the film opens with a familiar character. Ben Stiller reprised his role of Hal, the “sadistic” manager of a retirement home in Happy Gilmore. In this new film, Hal is the one who discovers a patient has escaped from the mental hospital. A fun callback to a well known character! 


“O’Doyle rules!” A now running joke in Sandler films, he was mercilessly bullied by the O’Doyle family in Billy Madison. In this latest film, Sandler is bullied again by someone conveniently named “O’Doyle.” We hate bullies, but have to admit we love this bully storyline!

If you’re interested in viewing the Easter eggs for yourself, you can stream Hubie Halloween on Netflix now! Let us know if we missed any and Happy Halloween!

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