Daniel Craig Confirms He’s DONE Playing James Bond

Written by: Rachel Goodman – November 24th, 2019 8:13pm PT

No Time to Die, the twenty-fifth James Bond film, wrapped filming in October, but that’s not the only element of the film franchise coming to an end. Daniel Craig, who currently plays the iconic Bond role, will be stepping down after this film to pursue other projects and take a bit of a break.

While promoting his latest film Knives Out, Craig officially confirmed with Germany’s Express news outlet that No Time to Die would be his final foray into the world of James Bond. Considering Craig holds the record for the actor playing Bond the longest—beating out only Roger Moore who starred in seven Bond films from 1973 until 1985—this doesn’t seem to come as a shock. 

“It’s been, as they always are, incredibly hard work, but it’s a massive collaboration,” Craig told Express. “One of the most moving things for me about finishing the film is that I have been working with some of the people for 30 years.”

Craig’s first venture into the iconic role came with 2006’s Casino Royale (also the name of the first Ian Fleming book that started the Bond series). One of the things Craig brought to the Bond role that worked especially well was the more vulnerable state of the character.

When Express asked if this sensitivity translated to Craig in real life, the actor admitted he was quite sensitive to the point where even a happy commercial could bring tears to his eyes.

Since 2006, Craig has been in a total of five Bond films including No Time to Die as well as provided the voice of Bond for three different video games.

On top of his work as Bond, Craig’s been busy in other iconic roles, too. He played Lord Asriel in 2007’s The Golden Compass based off the Philip Pulman novel, played opposite Harrison Ford in Cowboys & Aliens, and portrayed Mikael Blomkvist in the film created after the bestselling novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

No wonder he could use the break.

Express ended the interview by asking Craig what he had planned next, and he stated that he desired a vacation where he hung out on the sand at the beach and did absolutely nothing.

Craig’s obviously looking forward to his break, and we’re looking forward to catching him in two upcoming movies. Be sure to check out Knives Out, which is in theaters now, and his final Bond film, No Time to Die, releasing in theaters April of 2020.

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