Disney Pixar’s ‘Soul’ gave us something to celebrate this holiday season! Here are six celebrities who are enjoying the movie just as much as us.

Written by: Kelly Levine – December 29th, 2020 6:47 pm pst

Celebs react to Disney's Soul

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This holiday season, we haven’t been able to enjoy movies the same way we would any other year. The experience of going to a packed theater and experiencing a film with tens of other people is now an impossible option due to the coronavirus pandemic that still rages across the United States. Many theaters have closed their doors in order to protect citizens and keep up with safety precautions. Most production companies and studios have opted to push back their 2020 slate to 2021. However, this is not the path everyone has taken, as some companies have decided to release their upcoming films on their respective streaming platforms. Recently, Warner Brothers and DC Films put the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max for all subscribers. The live action remake of the animated film Mulan was also uploaded on the Disney + streaming service under a brief paywall. Among these other films is Pixar studios newest feature Soul starring Jaime Foxx and Tina Fey. Put onto Disney + for free on Christmas Day, Soul tells the tale of a down on his luck middle school music teacher who dies unexpectedly and is tasked with reuniting his soul to his body. 

The film is already receiving rave reviews from critics who praised not only the complex story, but also the movie’s performances and musical score. Many have also complimented the fact that the majority of the cast is black and the film embraces the roots of jazz so readily. It currently holds a 95% average rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 235 reviews and families all over are enjoying the movie together during this especially hard holiday season. The messages of embracing life and one’s purpose have resonated with not just us, but also celebrities who took to social media to express their love for Pixar’s newest endeavor. 

Dylan Minnette and Lydia Knight

Wallows frontman and former 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette made an appearance on Twitter shortly after finishing Soul at home. A musician himself, it’s safe to say that Minnette admired the prowess of the score created by Academy Award winners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. He also declared that Soul is not only the best Pixar movie, but also one of his all time favorites. 

In a moment of pure cuteness, Dylan’s girlfriend Lydia Knight who runs the Twitter account for her own band The Regrettes responded to the former tweet. Accusing Dylan of copying her own opinions about the film the two sent a series of emoticons to each other. This just shows the small ways movies like Soul can bring us together. 

Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders who is most commonly known from Vine and Youtube took to Twitter to explain his complex reaction to Soul. The movie’s deep themes hit the internet comedian hard as he posted a meme of a child staring off into space. He even comments that Pixar went for his “philosophical jugular,” and the movie was sure to bring the waterworks to everyone watching it. 

Sanders also expressed his love for the character of the barber on Twitter, admitting that he definitely had a crush on him now. Honestly, with those arms who can blame him? 

He also took the time to answer fan questions in the replies and assure people they would love the film. One commenter asked if as a musician would she enjoy Soul, to which Sanders responded enthusiastically to the affirmative. In a conversation with another commenter, the two gushed about just how beautiful the movie’s animation is and how far Pixar has come since their first works in the 1990s. 

Phil Lord

One of the minds behind Into the Spiderverse and The Lego Movie heaped more praise on Soul. Being a luminary in the animation field himself, Phil Lord complimented how creatively liberated Soul felt in comparison to the other films Pixar has made. It does something different from the formula Disney is used to, but still honors the legacy of the studio. He then personally gave a shoutout to Soul’s director Pete Doctor and co-writer Kemp Powers for their work on the feature. 

Other directors and prominent behind the scenes faces responded to Phil Lord’s Tweet to express their own feelings about Soul. The writer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story called it the most profound work Pixar has ever produced. He also noted that the movie held a small reference to one of the first films Whitta had ever written The Book of Eli. Whitta was another huge fan of the score as well. 

Stranger Things director and executive producer Shawn Levy noted that Soul knocked him the hell out. He called the film a long lasting work of art that would be remembered by many for years to come. 

Josh Gad

Disney regular Josh Gad had to show some support for Soul. The actor and comedian has his own Disney + show in the works based on his character in 2017’s Beauty and the Beast. On Twitter, Gad said he was just picking himself up off the floor by the film’s end and that Soul deserved to make all the top ten lists of the year. Like Phil Lord, Gad awknoweged director Pete Doctor who also made Inside Out, Finding Nemo, and is the current chief creative officer at Pixar. He chalks up the film’s inner passion to Doctor’s own creative soul. 

Ben Schwartz

Jean Ralphio himself, Ben Schwartz, was the last celebrity to post his praise for Soul on Twitter. Sporting Pixar socks (don’t worry, they’re not his only pair), Schwartz communicated his excitement to see the film on Disney +. He also came up with a hilarious new name for fans of Pete Doctor dubbed Doctorheads. One thing is for sure, Ben and the rest of us Doctorheads are definitely going to rewatch Soul as many times as we can on Disney +.

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