Cast of Awesomeness TV’s t@gged | Millennial Hollywood with Dakota T. Jones

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On this weeks episode, Dakota welcomes the cast of t@gged!

Lia, Lulu, & JC return for season 2 of AwesomenessTV’s hit show “T@gged”. The show is about a psychopath who sends a series of violent videos that target Hailey, Rowan and Elisia – a group of high school students whose pasts are inexplicably connected. The antagonist is an unknown person who goes by the screen name “monkeyman”. T@gged is a modern day thriller that explores the terrifying risks of social media in a world of anonymity. With the release of season 2, the show gets darker, sexier, & more terrifying as the girls realize “monkeyman” hasn’t been working alone. Now a series of masked men are hunting them down while calling themselves “#thezoo”.

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