Carlos and Alexa PenaVega say industry is not ‘setup for marriage’ and their upcoming movie

Written by: Russell Ray – July 27th, 2020 7:40 pm pst

Credit: Alexa PenaVega’s IG

On a virtual press tour this week for their new movie Mighty Oak, the Hollywood couple spoke about co-starring together while keeping romance and family first. The Rock and Roll story centers around the mystical phenomenon of reincarnation of a young guitar player, Oak, who shows a promising future of singing and songwriting. If you believe in the idea of possibility and people returning back into your life, this flick is the one for you. 

The movie opens up with Pretty Little Liars Janel Parrish managing her brothers band with efforts to make them play at a local club in San Diego. Their successful sound and rock vibes lead them to a dream opportunity in none other than Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. They’re booked to play three nights but their dreams are cut short on the way to their first night when they hit another car on the freeway, leaving their lead guitarist dead and the band’s future in shambles. Fast forward ten years later. Alexa Vega plays the mother to the young prodigy who is discovered by Parrish’s character, only to think he’s the reincarnated version of her brother. The boy goes on to be the new lead guitarist of the reunited ‘Army of Love” band. 

In a Zoom interview with For The Cultura, The PenaVegas spoke about the struggles of a successful relationship and the industry. “For us our priority is our family,” she said. The entertainment industry.. it’is not set up for families to succeed..for marriages to succeed.” As many can recall the mother of two was a Hollywood child star from the movie Spy Kids, propelling her to the spotlight at a young age. For many child stars, love comes and goes but for Vega and her husband, they center their relationship around each other and religion.  The couple went on to add that family is most important to them. “I believe we’ve been blessed because we put family first,” her husband added. The Hawaii based residents can often be seen talking about faith and family on their instagrams. After their interview with For The Cultura, the actors stopped in with E!’s Latinx Now!, to talk about what went into making the moving and its meaning. 

“What makes this movie so special is that hope came in such a small package,” said the Spy Kids star. Her character plays the mother of the child rocker who struggles with drugs and parenting a talented child, unable to afford help for her addiction. Carlos said his character went hand and hand with his actual life, allowing him the flexibility to keep his facial scruff, show his tattoos and leave his hair long.  The couple spoke about really wanting their characters to be authentic and multilayered. Alexa described the characters of the movie as having depth and complex issues they have to deal with throughout the film. “From an outsider’s point of view.. Valery is just a mess,” the actress said. “She is just somebody that is hurting and trying her best to provide for her child.”

‘Mighty Oak” can be streamed now on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Fandango Now and VUDO. 

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