Breaking Down the Flash Cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Written by: Ryan Nilsen – January 21st, 2020 12:22pm PT

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A lot of amazing moments have occurred thus far on Crisis on Infinite Earths; from Batwoman sharing the screen with Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl to actor Brandon Routh dawning a superman outfit once again, but no moment has felt as epic and meaningful to the DC Brand as a whole than this week when “Grant Gustin’s Flash” met “Ezra Miller’s Flash”.

On this week’s episode of DC Movie News, Adam Gertler and Roxy Striar discussed the most recent episodes of Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 4 Episode 4. 

To really articulate just how much everyone loved this cameo, DC Adam Gertler made the point, “keep in mind, again, BvS, not very well liked, Justice League, not really well liked, and yet everybody somehow really liked this cameo… So imagine if those films were really well-liked and they did this?”

It’s a great point! Ezra Miller’s “movie Flash” has quite gripped fans like Grant Gustin’s “TV Flash” and yet fans lost their minds at this on-screen interaction.

This marks the first official time the DC Movie Universe has directly interacted with the DC TV universe!

Credit: The CW

Though Roxy Striar has always been a fan of Ezra Miller as an actor, she has made it clear that she has not always been a fan of Ezra Miller’s depiction of Barry Allen.

This scene changed Roxy’s mind going as far to say, “this is something that made me think, I could see a Flash movie with Ezra Miller and love it. So, brilliant marketing move on their part! This is the first time I’ve ever seen Ezra Miller as Barry Allen on screen and thought, ‘yes, I wantt more of that.’ This is the first moment. It was a cute scene. It was campy. It was fun. It was, um, it like, just energy, it felt like it had a lot of heart and light.”

Roxy went on to say, “having him interact with Grant Gustin was the smartest thing they could do because not only now do I know, do I in my mind think, okay Grant Gustin is giving Ezra Miller his blessing, but I also saw a different side to Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen that I was like I want this movie. So, I mean, in literally, what? A Minute? A Minute, they changed all my thoughts on Ezra Miller as Barry Allen”

The movie Roxy is referencing is the upcoming Flashpoint DCEU film directed by Andy Muschietti (Mama, It: Chapter 1 & 2). 

This Flash interaction may mean a lot for the Flashpoint movie plotline, Adam Gertler speculated that “this makes me think we are going to be getting some real timey-wimey, all kinds of madness happening. All kinds of interdimensional madness with this movie and I hope it’s bonkers. I hope it’s yet again something really different!”

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