Why Ben Affleck’s return as ‘Batman’ proves WB/DC’s directional turn before FanDome.

Written by: Ryan Nilsen – August 20th, 2020 2:33 pm pst

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Earlier this afternoon, Deadline reported a short but to-the-point announcement that Ben Affleck will return to play Batman in the upcoming Ezra Miller Flash movie! As unprecedented as this year has been for DC Movie News- this may take the cake.

Credit: Warner Bros.

After stepping away from Batman (and pretty much Hollywood in entirely) to focus on family, personal health, and well-being; Ben Affleck is putting the cowl back on.

If you’re even remotely a fan of DC Comic Movies, Ben Affleck, or Batman you’re probably aware of, all the shake-ups with “Batfleck” over the past couple years… but if not here’s a refresher. Academy-Award-Winning-Best-Picture-Winning-ex-Daredevil-Gili-fan-boy Ben Affleck was cast as the caped crusader nearly 7 years ago on August 23rd, 2013. Batfleck appeared in three films: Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and the theatrically released Justice League

Though these films were beloved by many fans, the general audience reaction was mixed to say the least. We all remember the “sad-fleck” memes that flew across the internet like a batarang out of hell when Affleck seemed to show visual disappointment in the overall reception of the crucial BvS “Martha” moment.

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Tragedy. Following the debacle that was the theatrical Justice League – frankensteined by Director/Writer Joss Whedon- the film was not only supposed to be WB’s Avengers, but it was also supposed to be their most successful film in the franchise. Instead it was the least successful and the DC Movie world came crashing down. Affleck was set to Direct and star in his own standalone Batman film, but following the failure both critically and at the box office of Live By Night, the one-two punch seemed to cause Affleck from continuing with Batman…  and pretty much all of Hollywood?

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It’s no secret that Affleck has been dealing with some personal things over the past couple of years including a mutual separation with Jennifer Garner and getting assistance with alcoholism. Affleck had taken a break but seemed to be making a come back with a film from earlier this year The Way Back. The film faced some issues Affleck had faced head-on following a coach battling alcoholism and trying to get his alma-mater high school basketball team (and himself) winning again. 

Throughout the entire press tour of The Way Back Affleck was asked a few times about coming back as Batman and he continually expressed how he lost his passion for the character and role. Who can blame him?! WB seemed to have moved on casting Robert Pattinson as the new Batman in the upcoming film from filmmaker Matt Reeves. That’s why this news is so unprecedented.

Nearly every big studio (aside from Disney) has gone through a bit of a regime change over the past five years and Warner Bros. has gone through many changes since we last saw Affleck as Batman. CEO Kevin Tsujihara was ousted last year and last week Warner Media owners Kevin Reilly and Bob Greenblatt ousted as well. The more recent shake-up following the gigantic $1.074 Billion success of Todd Philips’ Joker which only cost $55 million to make all leads to what Popcorn Talk’s DC Movie News has been saying all along: You don’t need to copy Marvel. 

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It has felt like the WB/DC movies have been searching for the “secret sauce” over the past several years and now they finally realize they’ve had all that they needed all along. You don’t need to adhere to a 22-film cinematic universe to be successful, you can make a low budget standalone villain film and make as much as Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is not anything new for the DC films. It’s how their animated films have operated for decades. There can be multiple people playing Batman at one time just like how there have been multiple actors who play The Flash at one time. 

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