Batman: Hush Director Want To Remake No Man’s Land with Robert Pattinson

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8/12/19 5:36PM

Written by: Takira Shabrae

Batman: Hush director Justin Copeland is thinking big for his next project!

Copeland sat down with Popcorn Talk Network’s DC Movie News to talk over his latest film and was asked what he would like to take on next.

“It would definitely be No Man’s Land,” revealed Copeland.

No Man’s Land was a 2001 action drama starring Brako Djuric and Rene Bitorajac, detailing two soldier’s struggles between enemy lines during the Bosnian War.

“If I had carte blanche, like, you can do whatever you want, I wanna tell the No Man’s Land story from the angle of Cassandra Cain,” shared Copeland. “I would love, that would be a dream.”

And Copeland isn’t just thinking a regular movie, he’s hopping on the trend of live-action.

“Heck ya!” exclaimed Copeland.

So who does he have in mind to star in the film? Robert Pattinson, who starred in Twilight and was just announced as the new Batman.

“I’m a filmmaker. And as a film director, I see that dude as a very— as an incredible actor,” said Copeland. “You wanna be able to get on set and not have to worry about your right flank,” adding  “when you can get a superstar actor like that, which I think he is, you are lucky.”

Copeland is set to direct Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, which is the first DC animated movie to include the character as a starring role since Wonder Woman in 2009. Warner Bros. is producing the movie, with Rosario Dawson voicing Wonder Woman.

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