‘Lockdown’ film with Anne Hathaway follows the events occurring during Covid-19.

Written by: Elizabeth Perkin- September 14th, 2020 8:47 pm  pst

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The coronavirus pandemic is far from over and is already going to be such a large part of history. A new movie Lockdown is set to star Anne Hathaway as the film’s lead.

Doug Liman is set to direct the very relevant and timely film. But is it too soon for a film like this to be in the works? We are still living in this very unsettling reality with face masks, social distancing, and constantly washing your hands. 

It could be seen as comforting to watch the movie that is set to be a mix of heist adventure and romantic comedy to help us laugh at this dark time or it could be seen as scary and unsettling to watch a movie about something that is still currently happening. 

Hathaway has been laying low since quarantine began back in March. She has been posting social justice content on her Instagram along with reminding people to wear a mask. 

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That was easily my favorite week ever on Instagram. Thank you again, Miss Lang (@aarynnlang), for giving me another chance to get it right, and for blessing us with your truth, wit, frankness, and flat out brilliance. Looking forward to making this space worthy of it. Since so many of you asked “Where’s Anne?” during the past week, here’s where I’m at: I wear a face mask because I care about others. #BlackLivesMatter. The vision of Black Trans people is critical to the liberation of this world. Love is love. Neither the human body nor the human experience come standard. None of those statements are controversial, so if you felt uncomfortable, challenged, offended, queasy-hot, tense or shut down while reading them, then this probably isn’t the right place for you. Or actually, it’s probably exactly the right place for you, but it’s your life. Anyway, back to Miss Lang and what she taught us: what moved you/surprised you the most during the past week? -AH

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Producers are aiming to start filming by the end of September which means that both behind and in front of the camera social distancing and covid producers will be followed. We can only imagine what the set will look like, as movies and tv shows have started to pick back up production. 

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