An open letter to Leslie Odom Jr. as he continues to bring light to untold stories in American history.

Written by: Toree Weaver  -July 19th, 2020 12:25 pm pst

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Series: Open Letter 

Have you ever wanted to write a letter to someone who’s impacted your life? Just express your true feelings on paper? Well, Afterbuzz TV has a new series called, “Open Letter” to give staff writers the chance to communicate those feelings. Here’s an open letter from our staff writer Toree Weaver enclosed to Leslie Odom Jr. to honor his continuous efforts to keep history alive. 

Credit: WHYY

 Toree Weaver

Los Angeles, California

July 17, 2020 

 Dear Leslie Odom Jr.,

 As generations create their own traditions, leadership figures, and culture, the stories of our history are often left behind and forgotten. The pave-makers are becoming distant memories in the minds of the new generation of change. Fortunately, there are filmmakers and writers who serve as the bridge of where we’ve been and where we’re going. During the 20-years of your career, you have been a stepping stone on that bridge. 

 Included in your time in the industry, you have portrayed several roles that keep the history of America alive. While you’ve participated in films that tell the stories of iconic and historic wave makers, like Harriet Tubman, The Tuskegee Airmen, or Alexander Hamilton, a different side of people is highlighted in your work. In every role you played, you provided a sound voice of reason. Not the calm before the storm but instead, with it. Aaron Burr, William Still, and Declan Hall all possessed a different type of courage, bravery, and leadership. While acting among such strong leading roles, your characters challenge their radical ideas and often force them to see the bigger picture. Whether it ends in a duel or leading slaves to freedom, his depiction allows viewers to understand the lives of people who supported monumental moments and figures. 

 Some people may argue that this recognition can be attributed to the writing, but there is a special presence that you bring to the screen and stage that can only be accomplished by someone who understands the importance. “I’m excited to reinject these people into modern conversations.” you said in an interview discussing Harriet the film. “You know, to talk about these people with kids and with young people to give them an image to hold on to and a connection to their legacy as Americans. Not just African Americans but as Americans.” 

 Your words speak volumes as you continue to make them a reality. The softness and intention behind every word allows young and old leaders to empathize, understand, and recognize your characters as people and not imaginary figures. Throughout history the militant leader or risk taker is glorified. While their methods have found glory, the method to the madness must always be taken into account. You push the ideas of logic, insight, and stillness into decision making. 

 Thank you, Leslie Odom Jr., for pouring so much care into retelling our history. The attention, creativity, and passion breathe life into our country’s foundation. Although the lines were written for you, you have taken the reigns of the conversation. 

 We can’t wait to see what you bring to the story of Sam Cooke in the upcoming film, One Night In Miami Your work is appreciated; Your work is necessary. 

 With admiration, 

Toree A. Weaver

  About The Author:

Toree Weaver is an AfterBuzz TV host with a passion for glamour and kingdoms. When she isn’t modeling or dancing, she can be found binge watching shows from Gossip Girl to Game of Thrones.

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