An Alternative Solution to Oscar Snubs

Written by: Keven Undergaro – January 23rd, 2020 7:06am PT

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The digital and streaming age has helped a growing number of quality movies to be produced. It’s been a joy for the movie fan but a bit of a problem for the Academy and the artists.

It seems like there are just not enough available slots to recognize all Oscar-worthy performances and works.

The staff at Popcorn Talk Network seems to have the answer. The digital broadcast movie discussion and news network, in conjunction with sister network AfterBuzz TV, just announced the launch of their inaugural ‘Alt Oscars’ Awards alongs with this year’s nominations.

The criteria for receiving an Alt-Oscar nomination is based upon two things: the movie or artist must not have received an Oscar nomination and, of course, the quality of work must be Oscar level.

Popcorn Talk Alt-Oscar nominations and subsequent awards will be presented in the following eight ategories:

  • Actor, Actress
  • Supporting Actor
  • Supporting Actress
  • Director
  • Original Screenplay
  • Adapted Screenplay
  • Best Film

“It’s certainly not as though the Academy is getting their picks wrong. We just happen to have a high class problem on our hands: a glut of quality content with not nearly enough slots to pay them all the honors they deserve. In truth, there’s even room for an Alt-Alt-Honors but after 90 years we’ll settle for one additional award,” said AfterBuzz TV Founder and Chief Content Officer Keven Undergaro.

Alt-Oscar winners will be announced LIVE on Sunday, Feb 9 at 12pm Pacific Time on Popcorn Talk Network, as a lead-in to the Oscars. Announcements will accompany on all of Popcorn Talk’s social media.

About The Author:

Keven Undergaro is a the Founder and Chief Content Officer of AfterBuzz TV. Known as “The Hollywood Career Coach,” he is a brand builder, entrepreneur, award winning filmmaker, and New York Times bestselling author.

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