5 crazy stunts Tom Cruise has performed himself for A movie role

Written by: Russell Ray – September 30th, 2020 11:09 am pst

Tom Cruise is known to be a soft soul on the outside according to many in Hollywood, but what many don’t know is how much of a daredevil Cruise is on his sets. News broke this week that Tom Cruise will be partnering with SpaceX to film a movie in space! It is set to begin filming in October of 2021. To commence the news, we’re ranking 5 of the top daredevil stunts Tom has done for a movie role.  

#5. In the 1996 ‘Mission Impossible’ movie. Cruise suffered a bruised ankle but refused to complain about it after his water tank explosion scene. 

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times he said, “There was a scene where we blow up these tanks, huge fish tanks, thousand-gallon tanks. First they’re going to blow the tank [Seven Feet] behind me and then blow the tank overhead. And if I’m there, you know, I’m really gonna get hurt…Now there’s a huge audience watching, and I don’t want to get creamed. They count off, ‘One, two’– my adrenaline is going, and on ‘Two,’ I hear the first explosion and it takes everything in my power to stay standing there, and then on three, I went, and it was a wall of water. So then the water rushes out and I’ve got to run faster than the water and chunks of glass are everywhere and I have to jump over a guy.”

#4 Tom Cruise had to undergo intense training in ‘The Last Samurai’ in order to be able to handle a sword on a mechanical horse. One thing no one expected was for co-star Hiroyuki Sanda to lose control of his weapon after his mechanical horse bypassed its mark and stopped too close to Cruise.

“Tom’s neck was right in front of me, and I tried to stop swinging my sword, but it was hard to control with one hand,” Sanda said in an interview. “The film crew watching from the side all screamed because they thought Tom’s head would fly off.” 

#3 One might think that an A-list actor would never hang off the side of a plane for a stunt, but that wasn’t the case for Cruise in ‘Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation.’ For a scene in the 2015 movie, Tom’s character hung from the side of an A400M aircraft and Cruise volunteered to do it instead of the stunt man. 

“While we are going down the runway, we’re worried about bird strikes, any kind of particle that the propellers could pick up, any kind of stone,” he said in an interview with USA Today. “I remember I got hit by a stone that was so tiny, you cannot believe. I thought it broke my rib. Luckily it went to my vest and not my hands or face; it would have penetrated and gone right through.”

#2 Tom Cruise was nearly killed by Jamie Foxx on the 2004 set of ‘Collateral’. 

“I hit the gas, the cab goes straight head on into [Cruise’s] Mercedes and the Mercedes lifts off the ground and goes off the set,” Jamie Foxx said in an interview. “They were so worried that I had killed my man. Can you imagine all that money bouncing around in the back seat?’

#1 Tom Cruise could have lost an eye in ‘Mission: Impossible 2’. Tom Cruise is no stranger to gun fights or sword fights…well in movies. So for why not take on a knife fight right? In the 2000 production of Mission: Impossible 2, Cruise takes on a knife fight with co-star Dougray Scott. Director John Woo and Tom agreed that they wanted to make the scene as realistic as possible. Woo thought it would make for a nice shot if a knife would stop just a hair short of Cruise’s eye. The knife was measured one quarter of an inch from Cruise’s eye on a cable, Cruise instructed Scott to use as much strength as possible while holding the knife to make it look legit. Needless to say Cruise walked away without touching a bit of retina, but imagine if the cable was mismeasured? I wouldn’t be that guy. 

For Tom’s ultimate space scene, no movie title or co-stars have been named yet, but The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman is set to join the 58-year-old on his out of this world stunt at the International Space Station. 


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