Why Charlize Theron Is The Best Actress Alive

Written by: Roxy Striar – March 15th 2020, 9:55am pst

Charlize Theron is the greatest actress alive. As AfterBuzz TV continues to honor women’s history month by saluting Hollywood’s greatest females, it felt like time that this was stated!

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Of course it is subjective, and many people would argue that Meryl Streep takes the cake. Also typically in contention are Glenn Close, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Viola Davis, and others. All of whom by the way, are absolutely incredible and deserving of their praise. But Charlize is often overlooked in the conversation, and with her range, “it” factor, and ability to completely lose herself in her performances, it’s time to highlight Charlize Theron…

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Let’s start with the obvious, her big Oscar win for the 2003 film, Monster. However, Charlize winning an Oscar for her embodiment of serial killer Aileen Wuornos isn’t the most impressive part. It is the fact that while Charlize is one of the sexiest women alive (just ask Esquire), she refuses to be defined by her looks. She became unrecognizable in this role, and was able to perfectly morph her face, voice, and mannerisms to reflect those of the real Aileen. That performance was not just the best of that year, but quite possibly the best performance by an actress in modern times.

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16 years later, Charlize was able to create just as accurate of a replication when she took on the role of Megyn Kelly in 2019’s Bombshell. It didn’t win her the Oscar, but it earned her another nomination, and in any other year where Renée Zellweger wasn’t playing one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars, Charlize would have gotten the gold. The way she was able to bring her voice down an octave to emulate Megan Kelly’s was remarkable. While it was on the table before, due to performances like that in North County and Young Adult, Bombshell was the movie that finally solidified Charlize as the greatest living actress.

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Just the range between Aileen Wuornos and Megyn Kelly is enough to know Charlize has “it”. Then add in the fact that even in not so great movies *cough cough* A Million Way to Die in the West *cough cough* she shines. She elevates whatever material she works with, regardless of its original standing. She has proven to be a hilarious comedian, as seen this past year in Long Shot and previously on TV shows like SNL and Arrested Development. She rocks every indie film, most recently the phenomenal yet mostly overlooked feature, Tully. On top of all of that she is a kick ass action star in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde and The Fate of the Furious. Side Note: Mad Max was on most critics lists as a top 10 movie of the decade. She is one of the last true movie stars left.

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Further diversifying herself, Charlize has been a part of animated films (Kubo and the Two Strings), superhero movies (Hancock), and the princess genre (Snow White and the Huntsman). She has worked alongside the largest stars on the planet, like The Rock, Vin Diesel, Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Keanu Reeves, Penelope Cruz, Kevin Bacon, and *so* many more.

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When the industry shifted, so did Charlize, as she added producer to her extensive list of credits. She Executive Produced multiple TV series (Girlboss, Mindhunter, Hyperdrive), produced many of her own movies (The Addams Family, Atomic Blonde) and movies of her peers (Murder Mystery, A Private War).

So, while there are many talented actresses, there is only one Charlize Theron. At only 44 years old, Charlize has decades left to make her mark, and if her career has taught us anything, there is no ceiling. Now if only we could get Charlize Theron and Meryl Streep in a movie together…

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