Bianca Bethune Shares Favorite Memory from Bad Boys 2 and Gives Advice for Actors in the Industry

Written by: Chae’ Jones – March 1st 2020, 4:15pm pst

Bad Boys For Life is the highest grossing film in the franchise. Proving even though 16 years have passed that no matter what audiences will keep coming back for the action but also the chemistry that Martin Lawerence and Will Smith have.

credit: Bianca Bethune Instagram

I sat down with Bianca Bethune at the AfterBuzz TV studios for Popcorn Talk to talk about Bad Boys For Life, where it all began for Bianca in Bad Boys 2, her character journey in Switched at Birth and more.

Bethune began acting at 11 years old in Bad Boys 2 and yes she did play a 15 year old for the film which is just a testament to her talent. She shares her favorite memory from the set of Bad Boys 2, Bethune said,

“That date with Reggie came to the door because A lot of people don’t know that Martin and Will did an interview recently and spoke about it, but that boy Dennis who is Reggie…is not an actor. They found him at a YMCA. They were looking for a 6 foot, 15 year old boy that played basketball.  That was it. So he booked it and during that particular scene they wanted him to be in fear. So they told Will and Martin to continue being like that even when the director’s said cut.”

If you rewatch that scene now, you might start laughing even harder and truly appreciate the character that is Reggie.

You might also recognize Bianca from her character Sharee in Switched at Birth, in which her character deals with having a mother who has bipolar disorder and how it shaped her character’s journey through the show. Even though this is not something Bethune has experienced in her own life, here is her advice to others who take on a character’s journey:

“To my fellow actors or anyone in the entertainment business period, just take full responsibility and really do the job. Don’t just come there and do what’s asked.  Go above and beyond because that’s what will help you stay.”

Bad Boys 4 is already in the works and we know that we’d love to see more of Megan’s own story in the next film but Bethune shares what her next project is, “ I have a film with Damn Write Originals, they are an Atlanta and LA based production company and I am a mother and a wife again. So we are highlighting the same issues, where mother and a father are fearful of bringing a black child into the world and there’s this moment…we’re at our gender-reveal party and it has all these flashes and thoughts of all the concerns of a young couple…what we have to expect and what we have to protect for our next generation and I think those types of stories are so important. I’m so grateful to tap in.”

credit: Bianca Bethune Instagram

Longevity and honing your craft are the name of the game. Always striving to learn, going that extra mile will take you far not only in your career but life as well.

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To find out about her audition for Bad Boys 2 and more, you can watch the FULL interview by clicking the link: Interview with Bianca Bethune of Bad Boys For Life : iTalk movies.

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