Tracey Birdsall discusses Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter on iTalk Movies

iTalk movies is a long-form interview series featuring leading members of the film community. In this episode, our host Frank Moran interviews Tracey Birdsall from Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter on the Popcorn Talk Network.

Tracey Birdsall is an award-winning American film and television actress recognized worldwide for her diverse and challenging roles – which recently earned her the esteemed Female Action Performer of the Year Award at the highly regarded Action on Film Festival for her role of Sienna in the recently Premiered and highly anticipated Science Fiction film Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2016).

A few decades from now – Sienna, a rebellious robot-fighting arms dealer, lives on a post-apocalyptic Earth. When the cities start to fall under the control of the A.I. Scourge, a hyper-weaponized robot army, Sienna decides to leave the Earth and journey to the centre of the galaxy, seeking a mythical weapon that can neutralize any form of A.I.Pursued by giant machines, Sienna loses everything she cares about in an effort to save the last vestiges of humanity in an A.I. controlled galaxy.


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