Street Fighter II Review | Otaku Movie Anatomy

Otaku Movie Anatomy hosts review Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie! Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is a 1994 animated film adaptation of the Street Fighter II fighting games written by Kenichi Imai, directed by Gisaburō Sugii and animated by Group TAC. The movie, originally released in Japan on August 8, 1994, has been adapted into English in dubbed and subtitled format by Manga Entertainment, who later produced the TV seriesStreet Fighter II V. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie was well received among fans of the games, and is generally considered to be far superior to the live-action film which followed it. The action sequences had a very realistic portrayal in comparison to other Street Fighter anime, and action anime in general, due to the assistance of K-1 founder and professional fighter, Kazuyoshi Ishii and Andy Hug. Though the movie’s events do not seem to be acknowledged by the main games’ storyline, many of the details were included in later games, in particular the Street Fighter Alpha series.