Patema Inverted Review w/ Robbie Daymond| Otaku Movie Anatomy

Otaku Movie Anatomy hosts Michelle ChubbyBunny, Yume Ninja, and Jonathan Meza review Patema Inverted with special guest Robbie Daymond! When Patema falls into the pit inside of the danger zone, she finds that she falls into a world nothing like her own, where the sky is not a roof, but a boundless sea of blue. Not only that, if Patema is not careful, she can fall off of the planet and into the stratosphere. However, by working together with a young boy named Age from this strange “surface world,” not only does she learn how to survive, she learns that together, they can fly!However, things become even further complicated later on, as Patema and Age soon discover a dark conspiracy, the members of which are determined to return Patema to the underground and silence all those who know of her home.