Force Awakens Trailer, Aladdin Theory Confirmed, & “Sanjay’s Super Team” – Disney Movie News Ep. 2

The PopcornTalk Network proudly presents Disney Movie News! In this vodcast series hosts Leo Camacho, Sarah Snitch, and Keetin Marchi break down all the Disney news! This week on Disney Movie news, Keetin got stuck climbing hair, so joining the panel is James Janisse to break down the latest news! Today we’re talking about the Star Wars Trailer (Of Course) as well as Good Dinosaur and some easter eggs in Inside Out. We touch on the fact that Henry Selick declares that the Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween Movie and not a Christmas Movie! Also, we get news of a Descendants sequel on the Disney Channel, and Disney releases a 92 second video of animation celebrating 92 years. Follow Leo Key on Twitter! Follow Sarah On Twitter! Follow Keetin!