Romance in Space – Jedi Alliance Ep 51

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents “Jedi Alliance”, a weekly vodcast series that celebrates the greatest saga ever told – STAR WARS! This week’s host Joseph Scrimshaw (RiffTrax, TableTop) enters a galaxy far, far, far away to discuss all aspects of the George Lucas American epic space opera franchise. On this episode, Joseph is joined by guests Jenna Busch and Joe Ruggirello for a heated debate about ROMANCE IN SPACE. Han and Leia! Anakin and Padme! Owen and Beru! What works, what doesn’t, and can you die from a broken heart? Plus, we’ll create a brand new sexy Star Wars story before your very eyes! On Twitter: Check out all the shows’ playlists here:… Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: Check out for all your movie news! Love TV? Check out Love Books? Check out Support our friends at Shopping on Amazon? Click through our Amazon affiliate program at…