Jedi Alliance – EP 37­ – ­Favorite Minor Characters

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents “Jedi Alliance”, a weekly vodcast series that celebrates the greatest saga ever told – STAR WARS! Each week host Ken Napzok (Schmoes Know Movie Show, The Napzok Files) enters a galaxy far, far, far away and discuss all aspects of the George Lucas American epic space opera franchise. This week Ken is surrounded by three passionate Star Wars fans as Jennifer Landa and Megan Finley return to the show and help welcome Miri Jedeikin to the show. After Miri answers the The Five Most Important Star Wars questions, the entire crew answers more listener submitted fan questions. Then all four take a look at some of their favorite minor characters of the Star Wars Universe. Who are the characters beyond the major players that help make the Star Wars Universe such a fun place to live in! On Twitter:

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