Jedi Alliance – EP 35 – Top 10 Star Wars Deaths

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents “Jedi Alliance”, a weekly vodcast series that celebrates the greatest saga ever told – STAR WARS! Each week host Ken Napzok (Schmoes Know Movie Show, The Napzok Files) enters a galaxy far, far, far away and discuss all aspects of the George Lucas American epic space opera franchise. Ken is out of town for Episode 35, but former guests Joey Rockenstein and Joe Ruggirello are here to lead the attack with a presentation of the Top 10 Star Wars Deaths as well as look at the news about the Star Wars Digital release, Darth Vader issue 4, and a Clone Wars focused Duel of the Fates. Plus, Joe and Joey add to the Five Most Important Star Wars Questions by taking suggestions from the fans. On Twitter: Check out all the shows’ playlists here:… Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: Check out for all your movie news! Love TV? Check out Love Books? Check out Support our friends at Shopping on Amazon? Click through our Amazon affiliate program at…