#10 – Should Marvel Fire Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man? (plus Star Trek 3, Best Ridley Scott Movie and Mad Max Fury Road and more!)

Hal Rudnick (host of Screen Junkies Show), Mark Ellis (Schmoes Know), Kristian Harloff (Schmoes Know), and Dan Murrell (Director & Editor of Screen Junkies) debate with host Andy Signore (Creator of “Honest Trailers”) over the following Movie Fights for the week of 12/7/14:

FIGHT 1: Best Ridley Scott Movie
FIGHT 2: Who Should Direct Star Trek 3?
FIGHT 3: What Ninja Turtles Character Needs to be in the TMNT Movies?
FIGHT 4: Will the New Mad Max Movie be Better Than the Old Ones?
FIGHT 5: What is the Ultimate Movie Crossover?
FIGHT 6: Who Should Al Pacino Play in the Marvel Universe?
FIGHT 7: Best Paul Thomas Anderson Movie?
FIGHT 8: Best Film Adaptation of a Book?

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Andy Signore, Dan Murrell & Jason Inman

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