Jedi Alliance: Episode 13 – “Star Wars’ Parodies”

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents “Jedi Alliance”, a weekly vodcast series that celebrates the greatest saga ever told – STAR WARS! Each week hosts Ken Napzok (Schmoes Know Movie Show, The Napzok Files) and Maude Garrett (, The Hot Hits: Live From LA.) enter a galaxy far, far, far away and discuss all aspects of the George Lucas American epic space opera franchise. On this week’s Jedi Alliance, Ken is the meat in a friend sandwich as Maude and her good friend, actress/writer/producer Michele Boyd, team up to celebrate the greatest saga every told. Can Michele help Maude keep pace in Star Pause? Would you rather compete in a podrace or chase an Ewok on a speeder bike? And why did Maude cry? This is Jedi Alliance: Episode 13 – “Star Wars’ Parodies.”