Demetri Panos

Demetri_Panos_Staff_Photo_2013_10_20Demetri “Trekboy” Panos currently works for Technicolor. A company, whose rich history in Movies inspires him daily. He works with Exhibitors, Distributors and Producers to help ensure the best possible movie going experience evah! He lives in Southern CA, Roots for his Boston Teams and can be occasionally found at Disneyland or at your local Movie Theatre. He was born and raised in Peabody MA. His love of Star Trek and movies began at the tender age of 5. After a days’ work, his Dad would come home, turn the TV on, spin the UHF knob to Channel 56 and together they would watch Star Trek. Demetri was drawn in by the Ships, the Phasers and the short skirts. His mom took him to his first movie, Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney’s Magic worked and he would forever love going to the movies. In 1975, after a steady diet of G Rated Disney films, he made the leap to PG in a big way. That summer his perception of movies and swimming at the beach would be forever altered. His vocabulary also grew when he learned the true meaning of the word INTENSE as used in the disclaimer found on the movie poster: MAY BE TOO INTENSE FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN. The movie was JAWS. Its affects would be everlasting. Watching a movie wasn’t enough. How did they do that?, needed to be answered. A GEEK was born. Instead of going to bookstores to sneak a peek at PLAYBOYS, he thumbed through the pages of magazines such as STARLOG and FANGORIA to read about how movies were made and what was upcoming. It was in such magazines he learned how David Cronenberg made a head explode in SCANNERS and where he first read about a movie whose title was so simple yet said so much: STAR WARS. Already having been captivated by JAWS, Disaster Movies, Sensurround, THE BAD NEWS BEARS and the always present Disney movie, STAR WARS redefined movie magic. The seeds had firmly taken root. Movies and STAR TREK would forever be in his life. Graduating from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Film and Broadcasting, he went on to work for the greatest radio station in the world; WBCN. There he was mentored by the best guy in Promotions, Cha-Chi Loprete who taught him: “There is more power in saying yes than saying no.” At WBCN he wrote press releases, assisted in setting up the stations promotional movie screenings and became world famous in Boston for being “the young Greek Assistant”. The pinnacle of his time at THE ROCK OF BOSTON came when he was asked to do on air movie reviews. The Program Director had this to say of his performance: “You sound like Kermit the Frog and need to get rid of that accent.” From WBCN he worked at the Boston Phoenix weekly newspaper, where he placed Escort Ads and wrote bullet Movie Reviews. Then in 1990 his big break in the movie business came when he accepted a job to work for Universal Pictures in their Boston Branch Office. He helped pave the way for a new position within Distribution called Exhibitor Relations. There he worked on titles such as: JURASSIC PARK, SCHINDLER’S LIST, SCENT OF A WOMAN, ARMY OF DARKNESS, DR. GIGGLES AND STOP OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT! 5 Years later he broadened his experience by working on the Exhibition side and took a theatre marketing job with Hoyts Cinemas. After 1 year of dodging punches, staplers and paper clips, he threw his hands up in the air and said: “I have to get the f#%** out of here!” He left all he loved behind to move to Los Angeles. Since living in LA, he was worked in Production and got his first ever Screen Credit on the movie CONTACT starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. He eventually worked his way back into Distribution for Trimark Pictures which became Lionsgate. There he helped the company evolve from a small independent studio to a mini-major. He worked on titles such as: CRASH, MONSTER’S BALL, CABIN FEVER, SAW FRANCHISE, HOSTEL, THE DESCENT, OPEN WATER, KICK ASS and THE EXPENDABLES. His love of movies and Star Trek carry on. The Adventure Continues…..